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Podcast Interview: Dr. Paul E Calarco, Jr.


Dr. Paul E Calarco, Jr. is at heart a seeker of truth, truthfully a seeker of knowledge.  He feels that this lifetime is the opportunity to pursue passion and love.  He said: “I have found both and it is my responsibility to share the journey”.  Paul is an avid reader of the masters and practicing Yogi.  Paul’s other passion is music; he views music as the auditory synonym of the written word as they are both channels of, and ways to express emotion.  You may also see him enjoying the sunrise or sunsets near a body of water communing with nature.  One of the challenges of the modern man he notes is “finding the balance during the day, finding peace and calm post the interacting with the busy, bustling energy traversing the concrete jungle”.  Paul is a PhD sociologist with a specialization in gender, he has dedicated the majority of his academic career to addressing inequality and through his true passion lecturing undergraduates, attempting to elicit social change through expanding their minds, unblocking their creativity and imagination, and making them sharper, more mindful citizens.

Dr. Paul E Calarco, Jr.
  • Professor of Sociology
  • PhD sociology MA Womens Studies State university of New York at Albany
  • Professional Disc Jockey
  • Amateur Pool / Billiards player

Dr. Paul’s Book is titled “Spirals of Love: A journey into the abyss of the heartspace.”

Have you ever been in love? Have you ever been loved?  Paul E Calarco’s first collection of poetry will bring you to a place of higher vibration where you can feel color, and taste the kiss at the edge of this lover’s words.  Considered by some as the divine masculine counterpart to the bestselling Rupi Kaur.  Several lifetimes of love are encompassed in eighty extensive entries.  This collection is a raw, deep and vulnerable sharing of his appreciation of another being’s existence.  The poetry book like the love expressed in its contents is real, honest and never lets you down.  It is love at first word, sending you to spiral down the rabbit hole of love’s abyss and then puts you to sleep with a thousand kisses.  We hope this is not the end of his writing, even if it were, we would be satisfied because we have this to behold.

Follow Dr. Paul on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paul.calarco

Art: Rachid Kallamni
Photo: Jeffrey A. Guntert


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