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Pete Luna for Fort Bend Sheriff


Pete Luna’s career in law enforcement spans over a quarter-century, characterized by a commitment to public service and unwavering dedication.

From 1995 to 1996, he began his journey at the Fort Bend County Adult Probation Department, laying the foundation for his impressive trajectory. In 1997, he embarked on a lengthy tenure with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Highway Patrol, which later saw him assume the role of a Texas DPS Narcotics Sergeant. His illustrious career reached its pinnacle in 2010 when he became a Texas Ranger, a position that showcased his exceptional skills and experience.

During his time as a Ranger, Pete Luna delved into high-stakes investigations, focusing on Public Integrity, Officer Involved Shootings, Custodial Deaths, and Felony offenses against Persons. He was not just a lone figure in the field but an integral part of the Texas Ranger Reconnaissance Team. This collaborative spirit extended to his work with agencies such as the United States Customs and Border Protection, the Government of Mexico, and the Mexican Military, where he played a crucial role in enhancing the security of the southern border.

Pete’s professional reach extended across multiple law enforcement departments and district attorney’s offices, both locally and nationally. He made significant contributions to his work with the U.S. District Attorney’s Office, highlighting the breadth of his expertise.

In terms of education, Pete Luna’s journey began at Katy High School. He furthered his academic achievements by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from the University of Houston. Additionally, he honed his leadership skills through a series of notable programs, including the Texas Department of Public Safety Command College, the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy Command College, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Law Enforcement Executive Development Association, where he completed the Supervisor Leadership Institute, Command Leadership Institute, and Executive Leadership Institute.

Pete Luna’s commitment to preparedness and response is evident in his completion of courses such as the FEMA National Incident Management System, Active Shooter Response Training, and Special Weapons and Tactics Training. His dedication to excellence is underscored by his Master Peace Officer Certificate.

Beyond his impressive career, Pete takes pride in his family life. He has been happily married for 29 years and is the proud parent of two children, both of whom have successfully graduated from esteemed institutions like Texas A&M and Sam Houston State University.

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