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Podcast Interview: Leo Brown


Tune in to Scott Pitney’s interview of Leo Brown – psychic medium, life coach, motivational speaker, author and “regular guy” as he tells his story of surviving a diagnosis that made doctors believe he wouldn’t live past the age of 30 to becoming an inspirational force that will empower your life to be the best you can be.

Visit Leo Brown’s website at psychicleo.com

Follow Leo on Facebook at fb.com/TheRealPsychicLeoBrown

Buy the book at fb.com/pg/TheRealPsychicLeoBrown/shop or on Amazon at amazon.com/Honey-Im-Fabulous-Are-You/dp/0996653139

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SCOTT PITNEY is a full-time entrepreneur and has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life. He has a hunger for peoples’ stories and enjoys learning about and from them. He has a strong belief in legacy and has written journals for over twenty years as part of building his own legacy for his family and future generations.


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