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Podcast Interview: Claire Bloomfield


Listen to today’s podcast where Scott Pitney interviews Claire Bloomfield, an Animal Communicator and Animal Energy Healing Practitioner. She offers energy based therapies and animal communication services for animals to help caretakers create a better bond with them, resolve behavior issues or help them regain optimal health. Claire has had an affinity with animals all her life, and she has dedicated her life to working with them first as a veterinary nurse then later as a healer. As a qualified Animal energy healing practitioner, she uses modalities such a EFT, Emotion Code, Reiki and crystal healing to help animals return to their natural state of wellbeing and health. Animal communication consultations are offered to give animals a voice and allow them and their carers to live together in harmony and mutual understanding. She is a Reiki master and Kundalini Reiki master. It is Claire’s goal to bring awareness to the depth of intelligence and feeling that animals have and to help people all over the world improve their relationships with their animal family.

Visit Claire’s Animal Affinity website at https://www.clairesanimalaffinity.com/ or email her directly at [email protected]



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