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Podcast Interview: Beth Freeman, Soul’s Purpose Channeler and Spiritual Counselor


Beth Freeman spent seventeen years in marketing and then ten years teaching high-school English. During this second phase of her career, she delved into personal healing with the assistance of an energy therapist. Now her mission is to help others find inner peace and their soul’s purpose. Pelkey serves her clients as a spiritual counselor, healer, and channel through which they can communicate with their angels and spirit guides. In the words of one person who has been touched by Pelkey’s gift of healing, “It’s like boot camp for the soul.”

“I am a clear channel for your guides and angels to come through with guidance for your personal healing and soul growth solely for you to understand, pursue and reach your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. I am available for phone, in-person, and written sessions with your guides and am here and ready to help you. Just reach out and contact me and we can set up a schedule that works with and for you.” – Beth Freeman

Want to learn more about Beth Freeman?

Visit her website at: www.everydaypeaceandpurpose.com

Buy Beth’s book at https://www.amazon.com/Daylight-Soul-Finding-Everyday-Living/dp/1978190727

Facebook page: Daylight for the Soul (book)
Facebook group: Find Peace and Purpose in Everyday Living

Contact Beth for your own Angel Reading at 417-631-1789.

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