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Brian Treybig: Actor, Musician and Paranormal Enthusiast

Brian Treybig actor

Scott Pitney met Brian Treybig in 2012 when he cast him as the greenskeeper on the web series, FORE! Brian is a 43-year-old actor, musician, paranormal enthusiast, husband and father to two fur babies. He has been living on a boat for over 25 years and was born here in Webster, Texas.

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Acting: Theatre, movies, television, podcast host, event host.

Simplicity with Brian Treybig Podcast

Ghost Tours: Haunted Galveston tours, ghost hunting, stories, conventions.

Dash Beardsley’s Ghost Tours of Galveston

Boat Life: Anything.

Save Clear Creek Community Theatre:

The theatre is being demolished, and Trey’s group is moving to a new place and need help in any way possible.

Brian and Kristina Treybig getting married on the Clear Creek Community Theatre’s stage during the production of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
“The Haunting of Hill House” at the Clear Creek Community Theatre with Brian and Kristina Treybig
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