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Reunion with Bob Stanelle Part 1


Today’s podcast feature’s Scott’s youth football coach, Bob Stanelle. A native of Wisconsin and life-long Packer fan, Bob has been known to wear a cheese head on occasion while spending his career in both the corporate and educational worlds of recruiting, teaching, training, counseling and developing effective leaders. His extensive travel and cross-cultural knowledge supports outstanding presentation skills, having led workshops and seminars worldwide. He has also served in positions of leadership for several professional organizations. With a bachelor degree from Ball State followed later by master and doctoral studies at the University of Tennessee, all in the fields of education and leadership, he has worked in teaching and administration at several universities in the U.S. plus taught or lectured on four continents in addition to once directing the recruiting efforts for a Fortune 100 company in America. He has spent approximately half his career in human resources and half in education with proven ability to adapt to and communicate effectively across a variety of cultures, giving over 300 presentations worldwide.

Learn more about Bob Stanelle on his website: www.robertstanelle.com

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