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China: in My Eyes – Coach Bob Stanelle


Scott Pitney’s youth football coach Robert “Bob” Stanelle returns to Your Chron to catch up with the events of 2020 and the writing of his book, China: in My Eyes.

About the book:

Most Americans and people all over the world have grown up with an image of China that is vastly different from what is the real China of today. The author, a “senior” American has lived and taught in China for five years and, through his teaching and travels all around the country, tells the story of those incredible five years. What he experienced, discovered and learned during that time will at times have you laughing, smiling, thinking, wondering or amazed at the China of today. Some stories may bring tears to your eyes. Whatever you may think and feel as you read this fascinating tale, you will thoroughly enjoy China: In My Eyes.

Available in hardback, paperback and digital download: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1477260242/

About Robert Stanelle:

Known as a visionary change artist who has built teams and developed superior departments and programs worldwide, Robert Stanelle has expertise in both the corporate and educational worlds of recruiting, teaching, training, counseling and developing effective leaders. He has extensive travel and cross-cultural knowledge supporting his outstanding presentation skills, having led workshops and seminars worldwide. He has also served in positions of leadership for several professional associations.

With a bachelor’s degree from Ball State and masters and doctoral studies at the University of Tennessee, all in the field of education and leadership he has worked in teaching and administration at several universities in the USA plus taught or lectured in six countries on four continents in addition to once directing the recruiting efforts for a Fortune 100 company in America. He has spent approximately half his career in human resources and half in education with proven ability to adapt to and communicate effectively across a variety of cultures.

Following is first “retirement,” he came to Wuhan, China, and for five years served as the English Program Coordinator for the Department of Postgraduate Affairs at Wuhan Textile University, where he revolutions the English curriculum for students seeking their master’s degrees. His first book, A Comprehensive Postgraduate English Curriculum, now serves as an important university textbook in China. He has now entered his second “retirement” of mostly traveling, speaking and writing.

He is also a published songwriter and photographer plus plays quite a good game of ping pong!


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