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Podcast Interview: Mike Trask

Mike Trask, Author of the “Dead Drive” books

August 22, 1983. Angels sang, horns blared, and the foundation of the earth itself shook.
For that was the day that Mike Trask blasted out of the birth canal, looking like Superman flying full-tilt to save Lois Lane from impending doom. You know, minus the Clark Kent good looks, and the superpowers. Born in Gilmanton, New Hampshire (wherever the hell that is, right?), from a young age, he dreamed of playing in the NHL. Scoring the Stanley Cup clinching goal for the Boston Bruins in overtime, in game 7. It didn’t take long to realize that dream wouldn’t happen, because he sucked. Not having a plan B, he spent most of his adult years floundering in mediocrity. Save those magical weeks/months he spends with supermodels and starlets on his imaginary yacht. Ah, those good days.

Author of the Dead Drive series, he has spent considerable time and energy writing about the zombie apocalypse. Both the silly side of it, and the serious. The horrors of the new world post-apocalypse, the drive to survive, and the desire to still enjoy the little things wherever possible.

When interviewed by numerous prestigious media outlets, he said, “The Dead Drive series is the only thing that I’ve done in this life, that I’m proud of.” If that doesn’t make it worth the read, I don’t know what does.

Mike Trask’s “Dead Drive” series (3 volumes) are a late-bloomer’s coming of age tale, amidst the zombie apocalypse. Wrought with peril, fear, death… every choice carries with it, the possibility of being the last. When the outbreak started, so did the quest for a life of worth.
Visit Mike’s website for more info:  www.miketraskauthor.com



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