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Mark Newey: How he beat stress, anxiety and depression


Stress, anxiety and depression are completely misunderstood: we’re supposed to get them. But they are not supposed to be managed or medicated; as millions of people have already found out: that doesn’t work.

Mark Newey is an expert in practical neuro-science. For 17 years, he has been helping clients eliminate stress, anxiety and depression through the method he used to free himself of these conditions.

Learning to beat his own debilitating stress, anxiety and depression gave him the inspiration for his life’s work. Mark has helped nearly 3000 people beat stress anxiety and depression, as well as coping mechanisms like eating disorders, fears and phobias and addictions. Over the last 4 years, the number of young people Mark has seen has gone up ten-fold and has led him to work more closely with schools and to campaign for Mental Wellness Education to be included in the school curriculum.

Learn more at www.markneweymethod.com and follow him on facebook: www.facebook.com/MarkNeweyMethod


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