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“Might as Well” open a bar!


Have you ever wanted to open a bar so you have a great place to hang out with your friends? This guy did! Listen as Scott Pitney interviews entrepreneur Erik Bogle at his neighborhood hangout, Might as Well, about how he came to own two bars in some historical Houston spaces. Erik also owns and operates the Houston Watch Company located in Bayou Lofts downtown. Both bars are located in historical spaces, and you get to hear all about it in today’s podcast.

Learn more at:

Might as Well Lounge and Boozenasium: 8518 Longpoint Rd., Houston, TX
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Houston Watch Company: 913 Franklin St., Houston, TX
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SCOTT PITNEY is a full-time entrepreneur and has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life. He has a hunger for peoples’ stories and enjoys learning about and from them. He has a strong belief in legacy and has written journals for over twenty years as part of building his own legacy for his family and future generations.


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