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Surviving Terror: The Story of Michael Anthony Gagliardi


This is one podcast you don’t want to miss! At a very young age, Author Michael Gagliardi survived the terror of abuse by his demon-possessed mother and now speaks out as a Christian through his books and keynote speeches to give hope to others in similar situations. His mother terrorized the family, the neighbors, and authorities in a small northern town in Ontario Canada from the mid 70’s to the mid 80’s.

About Michael:

Born in a borough of Toronto Ontario Canada called Etobicoke, a predominately Italian Community in 1968. His family moved to a small town in northern Ontario called Meaford on Nottawasaga Bay a finger bay of the greater Georgian Bay. There he attended Kindergarten through 12th grade in the town of 4500. He found his love for music at age 13, and in the next 6 years left his country and traveled to California. He found himself homeless and living under The Santa Monica Pier, a place that beckoned him from watching Three’s Company in a pre-internet world. He quickly became a constant on the famous Sunset Strip in the late 80’s headlining infamous clubs such as Gazzarri’s, The Roxy Theatre, and The Whiskey A-Go-Go with his own band.

Married at the early age of 19, he and his wife had 2 daughters, and eventually 5 grandchildren and are still married going on 33 years. Michael is a Latin Flamenco and Smooth Jazz Guitarist who plays countless events for Casinos, Private Clients, and Theatre Concerts mostly in the Ca, AZ, and Nevada regions of the United States but has played internationally as far away as Israel.

Michael currently has settled down in The Coachella Valley as a resident for the past 26 years, and his children live in the area as well. He continues to play music and also has added speaker to his list of occupations, speaking on the paranormal, demonology, and Biblical discoveries. He looks forward to educating people on the reality of a spiritual world and its inhabitants, the origins, function and end game as they pertain to human existence. Michael has a certificate in Eschatology from the Henry Morris Institute and is a worship leader in his church for many years.

Michael loves the outdoors and is an avid treasure hunter, small-time archeologist and traveler visiting various states examining their history, natural resources, and folklore. He spends a portion of each year recording an album that is mostly instrumental for the general public. Michael and his wife spend a significant amount of time each week with his immediate family for dinners and events watching and teaching their grandchildren, who are a joy in their life.

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  1. Hi, i’ve some points which I hope you can convey to Michael for feedback.

    (1) The Tucker Carlson’s video which featured someone stating that ChatGPT is a medium for “fallen angels” is on target (Carlson’s video is unfindable anymore, but he had featured this: https://iconnectfx.com/view/f43513e9-e4bb-ed11-996b-0050568299de/en.
    Any comments from Michael regarding it?

    (2) Michael was incorrect in one of his interviews wherein he invalidated his ancestors’ belief in “evil eye”. So – just like his own experience should not be invalidated – by the same token he should not invalidate the existence of “evil eye”. In fact, long ago Evelyn Paglini had been interviewed on Coast To Coast, wherein Evelyn validated my own real experiences. She explained the difference between bad luck and a curse (which is synonymous with evil-eye). A curse causes all sorts of bad things to happen with no rhyme or reason, including all sorts of bad timing. Whereas bad luck is more consistently confined to one or two areas. Such as someone who consistently is destined to accidents, while another is destined to ill-health and/or to poverty. There’s even TWO DOCUMENTED stories related to bad luck, that are very similar to each other. One was about Rabbi BenDosa whose students witnessed that JUST on the day they put out food on a path always trodden by the Rabbi, ONLY on that day did he take a different path (even though he’d always in past taken the path where his students put out food). A very similar documented story took place in the Holocaust, when they tried to poison an Arch-Nazi. JUST on the day they placed the poison at his place in the dining hall (with them witnessing it from afar), ONLY on that day was the Nazi summoned by someone elsewhere. Thus he never wound up drinking the poison.


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