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Boards for Bros: Ed Womble


Ed Womble has always enjoyed being outdoors and between 3 of his passions; baseball, bicycles and skateboards, Ed chose skateboards, even selecting his college (the University of Florida), because they had a quality skate park and a skateboard fraternity.

Ed’s passion today is still skateboards, and he has shifted his passion to helping kids learn from his experiences with skateboarding.

Ed’s passion for skateboarding started in the late 70s, and within a year he was winning skateboard contests.

Wanting to share his passion and winning experiences, Ed started Boards for Bros in 2006, located in Tampa, FL.

Ed is now in NC, and for this Christmas, Boards for Bros will be distributing 200 skateboards to kids who Ed would like every child to experience skateboarding, having fun while getting exercise and learning life lessons….a very cool thing to do!

Learn more at www.boards4bros.org

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