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Tarun Verma: Pharmacist, Entrepreneur and Filmmaker


Tarun Verma earned his doctor of pharmacy in 2012 and began working in the corporate world, only to burn out several years later. He began buying up businesses with passive income like car washes and storage facilities. He later used his experience as a compounding pharmacist to formulate his own brand of sports injury recovery cream, starting a company called Truth Botanicals, which is currently on amazon.com and walmart.com with its flagship product Deep Knee.

After graduating from pharmacy school, Tarun began using his expendable income to make films. His films gained exposure at film festivals and won awards, which boosted his confidence to experiment with the stories he wanted to tell. His business acumen allowed him to attract investors on his terms and create an environment that’s conducive to making a great marketable product with a good return for my investors.

Conception is the by-product of his time in healthcare and as a filmmaker. The film is about an infertile couple who have to undergo IVF to have a baby. It’s funny, sad, and ultimately a very heartbreaking film.


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