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Podcast Interview: Cindi Rose


Award-winning Cindi Harwood Rose began snipping her way to stardom at the age of 16. Her career began at Astroworld, in Houston, which eventually took her to Disney World and Disneyland. Cindi is considered the world’s premier silhouette artist, and has sheared celebrities such as Elvis, Liberace, Mama Cass, Queen Elizabeth, Sammy Davis, Peter Fonda, Barbara Bush and Tony Bennett.

Cindi Harwood Rose is also an associate producer of the film, Silhouette Secrets.  Cindi Rose, Charles Burns, and Andi Reis (of the UK) chose the lost art of silhouette cutting including hightlighting how this art freed a slave who had worked with the famed Peale family using a machine to help them cut a silhouette. Charles and Cindi perform this lost and difficult art, of which there are most likely only 38 at most real silhouette artists alive in the world today, who can look and cut a profile without a sketch or light.  Watch the video on Amazon Prime.

Cindi is also a co-founder of the Rose Ribbon Foundation where she creates custom “Silhouettes For Survivors,” which are available for purchase. All Silhouette proceeds are dedicated to helping uninsured breast cancer survivors receive free reconstructive surgery.

Learn more at www.silhouettesbycindi.com.

Visit the The Holly Rose Ribbon Foundation.



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