Saturday, February 4, 2023

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hosted by Scott Pitney
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Scott Pitney

SCOTT PITNEY is a full-time entrepreneur and has spent thousands of hours interviewing people from all walks of life. He has a hunger for peoples’ stories and enjoys learning about and from them. He has a strong belief in legacy and has written journals for over twenty years as part of building his own legacy for his family and future generations.

Podcast Interview: Michael Sterling

Michael Sterling is the founder and CEO of Michael Sterling Films. He’s been featured in Houston Trend Magazine, Houston’s Voice, Rolling Out Magazine...

Podcast Interview: Beth Freeman, Soul’s Purpose Channeler and Spiritual Counselor

Beth Freeman spent seventeen years in marketing and then ten years teaching high-school English. During this second phase of her career, she delved into...

Podcast Interview: Mark Hernandez

Mark Hernandez is the owner and founder of People and Pets Energetics LLC.  He is a Holistic Practitioner / Certified Body Code & Emotion...

Podcast Interview: Medical Bob

Medical Bob is back with some unbelievable (and a bit squeamish!) stories straight out of the E.R. Some of such stories actually end up...

Podcast Interview: Heidi Craig

Heidi Craig’s Near-Death Experience (NDE) occurred on May 29, 2004, after having her youngest son.  Her heart stopped while she was in the OR...

Podcast Interview: LaQuishe Wright

LaQuishe Wright, Managing Partner Q SOCIAL MEDIA LTD Social Media Management for Entertainers and TV/Film Productions As a Computer Science major and Business Management minor at Texas...

Podcast Interview: Claire Bloomfield

Listen to today's podcast where Scott Pitney interviews Claire Bloomfield, an Animal Communicator and Animal Energy Healing Practitioner. She offers energy based therapies and...

Podcast Interview: Colette Liose

Colette Liose is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), “TAPPING” practioner, teacher and COACH. “TAPPING” is acupuncture without the needles that combines ancient Chinese...

Podcast Interview: Dillon Sims

Dillon Sims is a licensed Hypnotist and Empath, which gives him a unique perspective of the human condition past, present, and future. He is...

Podcast Interview: Leo Brown

Tune in to Scott Pitney's interview of Leo Brown - psychic medium, life coach, motivational speaker, author and "regular guy" as he tells his...